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Anchors » Double End Expansion
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Double End Expansion The Double End Expansion is a dual expansion machine bolt anchor suited for materials of questionable strength. It can be used in block, solid concrete, brick, and stone. The anchor consists of twin tubular sleeves, bound together with high tension spring steel bands, which contain two protruding wedge shaped hollow cones. One the cones are smooth, while the other is threaded. Internal lugs on the tapered ends of the hollow cones prevent them from rotating during expansion. For maximum expansion, the upper cone should protrude slightly before setting. When the anchor is tightened, the opposing wedges at either end are pulled in tightly providing full length expansion over a large area.

 Model   Name   Price    100+    1000+     Buy Now 
 DES-1Q  Double End Expansion Anchor 1/4-20

 DES-5S  Double End Expansion Anchor 5/16-18

 DES-3E  Double End Expansion Anchor 3/8-16

 DES-1H  Double End Expansion Anchor 1/2-13

 DES-5E  Double End Expansion Anchor 5/8-11

 DES-3Q  Double End Expansion Anchor 3/4-10

 9520  Double End Caulk In 3/8"

 9510  Double End Caulk In 1/4"

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1